Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting answers to technical questions

here's a great way to call me and find answers to technical questions. If you need help with assistive technology, or radio communication or other electronic stuff, I have experience in many areas.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A great alternative to expensive long distance

If you'd like a good solution to high priced long distance, calling cards are the thing for you. Use them any time anywhere to call anywhere in the world at reasonable rates. You'll find foreign rates at domestic dialing prices.

A great alternative to expensive long distance

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Resolve to change web site forms to improve accessability

The time has come to change the way web sites present information.
So many times I've encounterred many web sites that want me to fill out forms, buy products, join lists, or even make more money.
So many of these sites have hidden pictures in their sign-up forms. These pictures are not able to be read by screen readers.
A screen reader enable someone who is visually impaired to know what's on the screen via braille display or speach output.
Because the text in the pictures is not able to be read, it is impossible for me to sign up, or buy things from some sites.
Milliions of people are missing out on a vast number of opportunities they could have had if they were able to fully complete these electronic forms.
As web edevelopers, let's resolve to do away with the unaccessable pictures or provide an accessable alternative.
One alternative is to provide an audio link to listen to a code and enter it. Another way is to allow email varification of a sign-up process.

Yes, it is important to prevent automatic registrations not performed by intelligent humans. However it's still important to generate revinue and attract more users to a site.
Let those milliions of visually impaired people in by making your sites more accessible today. Don't waist another moment. Another person is clicking and finding they can't finish a form right now, and you're not getting their business.
Great sites like yours don't diserve this lack of responce, so please make changes today. Both you and the millions of visually impaired people win.

Magazine site affilliate program

I'm trying affilliate programs. This seems to be a great place to find magazines for almost everything. Subscribe today.
I'm sure there's sometehing technical for the geeks among us.
Go to{kb7qlt}
Have fun and enjoy.

Accessible technology